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About Syd Arthur

Make sure you meet Syd Arthur.  She may be your neighbor.  She may even be you.

Prince Siddhartha, raised behind palace walls and showered with every extravagance, abandoned his protected life to embark on a spiritual journey. He ultimately reached enlightenment, and became known as the Buddha--which means one who is awake--and spent his life teaching that everyone has the potential to awaken…

2,500 years later in the cloistered world of suburbia, meet Syd Arthur! Syd is a middle-aged Jewish woman who is potentially awake, but likes to start her day with a strong cup of coffee, just in case. Her daughter has just left for college, and her diet is once again off track.

While for most of her life she has been convinced that happiness can be attained by a magical number on the bathroom scale—or a really great shopping day at Bloomingdales—she finds herself in the grocery store with an empty shopping cart wondering if there just might be something more. After a tragic accident shakes her town and stirs up long buried pain, Syd finds herself questioning the meaning of her life.

When East unexpectedly meets West, she embarks on a journey as a spiritual seeker ignoring her Mah Jongg groups’ insistence that this is merely a midlife crisis.

Soon Syd is in over her chakras as her search takes her from the yoga studio, to the meditation hall, to the ashram’s gift store and to the pages of the Zensational catalogue. But once she discovers how to sift through the fluff and reach to the core, nothing can stop her journey toward Nirvana, not even the hottest sale at Nordstrom’s.

Follow Syd as she finds her bliss and discovers a richness that rivals a Godiva truffle, making for one delicious enlightenment.

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